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Our Dogs


Maui earning her Canadian Association of Rally Obedience “Rally Novice” title.


Benden’s Maui, PCD, CARO RNCL, NTD

December 15, 2001 – November 28, 2015

Forever in Our Hearts

After years of fostering, Maui was my first dog after I purchased my own home. She joined our family at almost 3 years of ago with multiple behaviour issues. Overcoming her problems, Maui went on to teach me many lessons. Maui passed away in 2015 at nearly 14 but together we competed in obedience, rally obedience, and agility. She has titles in obedience, rally, tricks, and was a certified therapy dog.






Attradea N’ Spiritus Dark Side, RA, CARO RNCL, ATD, PT1, NNV, NNC, PN, NE

Dexter is my right hand man. He is a 6 year old Belgian Shepherd and he is a wonderful, willing, well rounded working dog. Whatever I ask him to, he is keen to do it and always gives his best. Dexter was recently retired from agility due to injury, but we keep busy training for obedience, rally, nose work, musical freestyle, disc, tricks, and herding. Dexter also helps me assess and rehabilitate dogs with problem behaviours and does demos and education events to teach children about humane animal training and dog safety.





Frog Peak’s Just Brew It

Brew is our youngest dog. He is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd from awesome working lines. He has a lot of spunk and loves to work! Brew is currently training for herding, nose work and obedience, but we of course play at tricks and disc. Brew has trialed in nosework and has a promising career ahead of him in this sport.






Tandy’s Lucky Day

Meet our new addition, Kalani or as she is more commonly called “The Corg”. Lani was adopted in December after Maui passed away.  She is a 3 year old Pembroke Corgi. Lani came to us with some severe fear and anxiety issues that we are working on. She may also have a liver shunt (which was contributing to her behavior issues) and has improved on a special diet. Lani is very much in training, but is blossoming into a confident, happy girl. She sometimes travels with me to seminars and has been a great demo dog so far.


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