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What People Say


Walk Into Excellence 2014

“Meeting Sarah through dog training workshops has provided an avenue for education which far surpasses my expectations. She gives selflessly of her time, shares knowledge and techniques, is clearly professional in business practices and builds timeless relationships with her clients. Sarah has been my mentor, my friend, and has my utmost respect as a dog trainer. If you choose to learn her you will not be disappointed.” – Leslie Kroum, Raise the Woof – Walla Walla, WA

“I had the pleasure of staying and playing with Sarah Fulcher during her shadow program. Continued education is an extremely important part of my work ethic, and learning from top notch trainers is a priority for me. During my stay with Sarah, I was a part of her team where we ran daycare, worked with dogs in a day training setting, joined and helped in private lessons with clients and participated in her various group classes. Sarah is a very knowledgeable trainer and is ardent on the free sharing of information. She is an excellent teacher and also keen on listening and learning herself. Her programs are structured to run students through the basics to the complicated side of all things dog training, daycare and structuring of schedules. I had an incredible time with Sarah and recommend her if you are looking for the same!” – Brittany Robinson, K9 Guidance to Inclusion – Tucson, AZ

I recently attended the Sarah Fulcher’s “Training for the Family Dog: Foundations for Obedience and Behavior”. It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Sarah has a great way of explaining herself and is very clear on her presentation. Not only was she clear on her teachings, she was also very good at showing us the technique with the dogs in attendance. Being able to teach the material is one thing, but being able to show you with a dog is another. Sarah is great at both! I’m so thankful I was able to see her work and would love to attend another workshop of hers! Thank you Sarah for showing me a new tool to use. – Art Ortiz, Dog Fit Dallas

“I wanted to extend my appreciation and thank you for traveling such a long distance from to share your training style and techniques with the class. When I signed up for the workshop I really did not know what to expect as I have never done clicker training.  I am always looking to improve my skills as a dog trainer and attend workshops throughout the year to help people and their relationships with our canine friends.  By the end of the workshop I was in awe and now I have another tool in my tool belt.  I was extremely impressed with the way you communicated with dogs and how they responded to you.  I was expecting only clicker training but you gave us so much more.  Operant conditioning, canine health, nutrition, and so much more. All that attended that purchased a working spot had an opportunity and you were very engaging and answered any and all of my questions.  I am so impressed with how humble you are and your sincere passion for what you do.  You are an awesome dog trainer and an even better person.  I hope that you continue this workshop and come to Texas again soon.  Again thank you Sarah.  It was great meeting you and be apart of you doing your magic.  I recommend to anyone that has an opportunity to attend any workshop Sarah is presenting that you go.  You ROCK.” – Keith Morris – Pasco, TX

“I recently attended Sarah’s clicker workshop in Dallas, it was an opportunity for dog trainers and owners to become more familiar with clicker training. I like that Sarah is open to teaching clicker to trainers of all backgrounds and training methodologies. I’ve incorporated some clicker training protocols she went over since she left with a board and train dog I have in and have found it very helpful. Thanks Sarah.” – Tod McVicker, Redeeming Dogs – Dallas, TX

Tricks Workshop - Kelowna, BC

Tricks Workshop – Kelowna, BC

I was privileged enough to have the opportunity to attend one of Sarah’s workshops this year and have nothing but praises to say about her and her husband Cam. You can tell they make a great team in business and in life by how well they worked together. They kept the weekend moving forward with no technical or organizational mistakes. Everything was on a professional level, in a comfortable atmosphere. I know that Sarah has spent a lot of time furthering her education in dog training and it shows in her confidence, terminology, and knowledge of her craft. She is the best at what she does so if you get a chance to catch her show, don’t miss out on the opportunity. Thanks again Sarah for a wonderful weekend! – Jason Vasconi, Transform My Dog – Houston, TX

“Sarah’s workshops are such a joy to go to not only is she an amazing trainer to learn from, she is very personable and actually cares about other people and trainers. She enjoys helping others by sharing her wisdom. I was able to incorporate her ideas and protocols into my dog training business back home and it has made a world of difference. If you get a chance to see her teach and/or train, do not miss the opportunity!”

“A Sarah Fulcher workshop is fun, organized, purposeful, engaging and enlightening! Sarah is a dynamite instructor and knows how to share her knowledge in such a way that you will be jazzed to go home and get started!”

“I recently attended a workshop in BC and was very impressed with the segment taught by Sarah Fulcher. Sarah’s expertise in clicker training – not only for basic training but also for more difficult dog problems, was thorough, well explained and downright fun! She took time to explain the intricacies of her training method and was helpful in answering any and all questions. Using pertinent demonstrations, Sarah was able to clearly show participants the ‘how’s” and the “why’s” of using a clicker to train. I loved her segment on puppy classes and the scent detection and dancing really inspired me – Can’t wait to use all that Sarah so graciously shared in my business!!”

“Sarah is a lovely person and so much fun. It is always a joy to listen to her presentations, not only because she is very professional and experienced, but you can feel and hear that her heart is in it. She is very adaptable to the difference skill levels of participants of her presentations and teaches and explains in a way that is understandable for everybody. Sarah’s personality makes everybody feel welcome and I would attend any of her workshops again in a heart beat to learn more from her.”


Training for the Family Dog – Dallas, TX