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Problem Behaviour

29511740_1605079962943827_5973708552780104521_nWe specialize in problem behaviour. Whether you have a dog who barks and lunges on leash, steals food from the counters, or is afraid of the world we can help. We work with these issues and more every day of the week, which is why we can succeed even when other trainers have failed. We work hard to set you and your dog up for success!

Behaviour problems occur commonly because of a physical issue (illness, pain, etc. – in which case we will bring in the expertise of a veterinary professional), relationship imbalances, or lack of proper enrichment. We will create a custom training program for your dog to help you get to the root of the problem – we will show you how to create a consistent environment for your dog that lowers stress (another major source of behaviour problems), utilize foundation training to re-balance the relationship between you and your pet, and provide safe outlets for your dog’s drive.

We have a variety of programs to work with behaviour issues, such as residency programs like our Training Camps, or in home private coaching lessons.

Because we believe rehabilitation of major issues shouldn’t be rushed, we offer support after our programs for all of our clients. That means you get private coaching sessions and unlimited group CGC classes to help transfer the skills to you and keep practicing good behavior with you dog.


For more information about our training services please see our Barks and Recreation Pet Services website

Copper came to us for a Stay and Train because he was reactive and had bitten people on bikes. Here we are working on self control and focus around one of his triggers.

Sadie was a young dog already showing some issues, so she came for a Stay and Train for socialization and obedience training.

Duke came to us for a Stay and Train because of reactivity and fear aggression. Here we are working him through some leash reactivity issues.

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