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We offer in-person, Skype,and phone consulting for trainers and dog daycare operators.

If you want help with a particular training/behaviour case or would like to know how to improve your training or daycare operations we are available to help with that.

We are experienced with training, behaviour consulting and running a successful dog daycare with an excellent safety track record. If you need some help in any of these areas we can assist you in trouble shooting or streamlining your business.


In-Person Consulting

Sarah is available to personally visit you at your location to help you troubleshoot and improve your training and/or daycare operations. Prices will vary, so please contact us for further details.


Skype/Phone Consulting

Ah, technology! The beautiful thing about Skype and Acclaim (see below) is it allows us to help people anywhere in the world! Skype utilizes live video chat so it’s almost as good as the real thing. It allows us to see the dog(s)/behaviour in question and your set up, chat directly with you and your staff and provide instant coaching and feedback.

Skype/phone consults are $175 USD for 60 minutes. $87.50 for 30 minutes.





“Working with Sarah is awesome. I knew I was I good hands from the very beginning. It took just a few minutes and immediate responses from Sarah let me know that she was with me during the whole process.

– Bill Church, Bow Wow Bill’s Dog Services – WA, USA

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