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Article - Using Matwork In Behavior Modification:

Using Matwork in Behaviour Modification

Originally published in the fall 2019 IAABC Journal.   Sarah Dixon, CDBC The concept of mat work or place training is nothing new in dog training. However, it remains one of my favorite behaviors to teach because it is very useful for pet owners and extremely versatile in behavior modification…


When Medication May Be The Right Choice

Sarah Fulcher, CDBC I recently began working with a very lovely little dog named Lily, a¬†female mixed breed dog who weighs about 25 lbs. She is very affectionate, intelligent and cute, however, she had a very rough start in life. Before she came to her new owners she spent most…


When Pain Doesn’t Look Like Pain

  My dog Dexter has been slightly anxious for several months. I had thought it was possibly due to me being away more frequently. We had been giving him some calming treats with supplements that seemed to help. I had the vet check him out and did some basic blood…